I broached the subject of taking the family and traveling with a couple of friends and I was immediately barraged with logistical questions.

When are you going? ASAP

How long? ALAP (as long as possible)

What will you do for money? Save for it. Then, write, I guess, and sell Paul’s art. Heck, we might as well sell Elsa’s too.

Where are you going? South, of course, for the winter. We’ll stick to the beaches and then strike out into the desert.

What are you going to do with the house? Leave it. It’ll be there when we get back. It might not be ours, but we can look at it and wonder if we’d want it back anyway. At that point, we’ll have some perspective.

What about insurance? What insurance?

From Elsa: What about track and tennis? Let’s cross that bridge when we get to it. I think you’ll still be fast when we get back and if you’re going pro at tennis, this might be your only chance to be with your family like this again. It will never be the same.

This one is the most often repeated: What about money? We can have none anywhere just as well as here.

Then, these are the logistical questions that go on in my head and are far more perplexing.

Will we kill each other? maybe.

Will we hate each other? never.

Will all of us girls get bladder infections from camping? Probably. Stay stocked up on cranberry juice and baby wipes.

What about Henri (our jack russell terrier who is so naughty that we couldn’t pay anyone enough to keep him)? Tie him to the bumper.

What about the cats and the fish? Find a good home.

How do we get our mail? Have a friend pick it up or forward it to my sister?

How do I homeschool without money, space, or a library? Bring their math books and some great books. Read and write a lot. Do math everyday. Paint, identify, discuss, sort, report, narrate, publish, and sell what you do.  

How do I cook from scratch in a dutch oven? ???

Are we stupid or crazy? Both

Will our families disown us for being stupid and crazy? Let’s not tell them til we’re gone.

I feel better now. Tomorrow: tackle the date for the garage sale.