I just received a pretty-much, sure-thing, job offer in La Grande, Oregon for a web academy. It’s an online, hybrid, charter school and I’d be doing language arts. The benefit package and the salary is about 3% more than the public school schedule. There’s flexibility. I’d be working from home. I’d get a laptop and a Blackberry and any traveling I would have to do would be reimbursed. There’s a waiting list. Online schools are apparently the thing of the future. They’re going to grow — get bigger, take over, etc. The principal said he would be interested in hiring Paul next year. La Grande is a college town, a mountain town, an outdoor-sports-kind-of-town that would be a good fit for Paul and me. That’s all the good things.

Bad things: no Italy, relocating far from any family and friends (especially the SJs and Heather), giving up on our crazy family traveling plan. And Lloyd — the girls’ tennis coach:( Leaving the home is a matter of sooner than later. But I was thinking that I’d enjoy a few months at home, unemployed, and with the girls.

I don’t know about anything anymore. Yesterday, I felt so sure that my destiny included Italy, traveling, and blogging. I feel an emotional whiplash. I was mad about all the advice I got that didn’t lead me straight and now I’m wanting some. Friends, family, would you write me and let me know your thoughts?