Keep searching, baby.

Paul said to me while on this trip.

I’m trying to find a way to visit Ciorlano, a little town of about  508  people in the Campagna region. It’s about 2 hours from Rome and about 45 min. from Naples and there’s nothing there, Bruno says, but the mountains, the sheep and shepherds, and the old ones without teeth who will come to your house and talk for hours. There’s a house there where Paul and I could live for awhile and invite all of the searchers and seekers, the wanderers and beggars, the minstrels and bards of the world to come and stay. We’ll give you a bed and home-cooked meals. We’ll chat with you and bless you and send you on your journey with goodwill and prayer. I don’t know if that’s where Team Harris should go – it means stopping the kids’ tennis, stopping the music lessons and sports, leaving our friends and our American way of life. It means living alone in an out-of-way place where there’s not much to see but us. But I’m planning a recon mission to see it, to pray about it, and to bring home descriptions and pictures to Paul, the girls, and anyone else who is interested. We’re open for an adventure. Is this the next step?


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