Tilling the Ground

About a year ago at an art show of Paul’s, a sweet little white-haired lady stopped to give us some advice. She used to say to herself that she wanted to travel, but …

she was too busy, she didn’t have enough money, her job wouldn’t allow for it, etc. and …

she didn’t have a passport.

Finally, she decided to get one.

That weekend, a friend invited her to accompany her to Portugal. She had just started a new job, but the opportunity seemed too much like fate to dismiss.

She arranged it with her work to leave and … just went.

She traveled and was treated like a princess as the guest of a very wealthy family.Point is … if you want to travel, get your passport — even if you’ve nowhere to go.

As you take steps toward your dream, your destiny rises to meet you.

Is there something I can do today to take a step toward what I’m longing for?

I want to travel with my family.

Paul’s got a sock that he keeps sticking money into for traveling. Can I add a twenty?

What about passports for the kids? Could we forgo a few dinners out or a movie to buy a passport for one of the kids? Begin chipping away until they are all covered?

Perhaps destiny waits for steps of faith before extending the lucky chance.

We can’t control everything, but …

we can till the ground and plant seedlings of beginnings so that when fortuitous circumstances fall, something will come of them.


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