I’m still fighting for control of my family.

The homework is sucking up entire evenings. I’m sick of it. Something must be done.

It’s time to raise some boundaries — to tell Public School, “Here shall your proud waves stop.”

I teach all day. I teach all night. We don’t eat well. The house is falling apart. This is ludicrous. All for this little “A” on a report card. This all important “A.”

I could tell my children that getting an A isn’t everything. It’s important. But within reason. It’s not all important. But that’s a cop-out. If, from the minute we get home, the homework gets done and nothing else does — I’m communicating to them that the “A” is all-important. That it is everything. That it’s more important than cleanliness and orderliness. More important than good food, laughter, and family time. Getting that “A” trumps play time, making a fire, putting up our Christmas tree, walking the dog, cleaning the room, folding the laundry.

From now on, I’m setting a time limit. The kids have one hour to work on homework. If it’s not done by then, the school can take their “A” and shove it.

The girls need time to do other important things. Like contribute to the home they live in. Like eating without working. Like playing together. Like relaxing. Like living with their family.

Here it stops. I’ll instruct them to not apologize. I’ll instruct them to not make excuses. To say, “My school work exceeded the time allotted to it.”

I know this will drive my girls crazy. They like to get A’s. But, they’ll have to use class time more wisely or be more efficient.

And it’s no longer going to be called homework. From here on out, it will be called it’s proper name: school work. If they can’t get it done in the six hours they’re there — too bad.

Their school work is no longer going to run our lives at home.

Home is for Home-Work.