Paul received over a hundred postings for math/science teachers from all over the country, including the Virgin Islands. But no Hawaii. I guess he’ll have to dig up his old contacts if we’re to go there. I try to picture us, untethered again, like we were eleven years ago, when we moved cross country from Waxahachie, Texas to Oregon — without a job. It was December, 1999. We had two little girls under two, one of them had health issues. I flew home with the girls and I had Elsa unwrap tiny Christmas presents every hour or so to keep her from being bored on the five hour flight. Paul and his brother, John, packed us up and drove home. We moved in with Paul’s parents for awhile and Paul pulled out the newspaper to look for jobs. It was Paul’s dad that told him about Mt. Bachelor Academy, our bread and butter for the next eight years.

Where will we go next? Where will we settle for another chunk of our lives?