An Oversight

I guess I forgot to share the salient information: I’m done on Friday. I met my replacement today. I train him tomorrow. Then, for the remainder of the week, I help transition him into the new semester. As Billy Crystal said as Mad Max in The Princess Bride, when asked if he was the medicine man that the king fired,

Why don’t you just give me a paper cut and throw some lemon juice on it?



  1. It would be pretty hard for me not to just play spider solitaire on the lap top and minimize it when necessary, all week. If you were thrown to the wolves, then why not let this guy get thrown to them as well. You learn the quickest that way. i know your integrity won’t let you do that, but maybe you could just show up in jeans, flip flops, a butcher knife and a salmon and gut it right there at your desk (office space reference)


    1. Hahahahahah! Excellent point, Robin. The danger is they might pull me in, question me, and promote me to middle management!


  2. I liked your suggestion Robin, and by the way, I miss you guys! Danielle, I know your back is a little against the wall, only for like the last two years straight or something like that. But, I want you to know that “for the what it’s worth department” (I actually hate that quote) but whenever I am in a predicament, I almost always ask myself what would Danielle do right now, or how would she handle it. So know that you have great judgement and I look up to you!


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