Went home to look up my version of the paperwork. Found the classy maroon folder stock full of legal-sized papers. All of it, however, was for the original purchase of the property.

There is a faint bell ringing in my head that I’ve looked for original papers for the purchase of the house and I couldn’t find them before. I remember thinking … where are those danged papers? I probably figured they were buried in another “safe-spot.”

I’ve checked all of my “safe-spots.” No papers.

So I called my loan company. Several weeks ago, I sent a “Qualified Written Request” to ask for my deed and trust note. The loan company denied that my QWR was valid but if I wanted a copy of any of the documents requested, I would have to pay for them. To get a copy of my deed and trust note, I’d have to send $10.

I thought to myself, it’s worth $10 to make sure they have it. So, about two weeks ago, I sent in my $10 requesting said documents.

After not finding any of my own documents, I called the bank. I said, “A few weeks ago I sent in a request for a copy of the deed and the trust note. Can you tell me where we are in the process of receiving that?”

Darvis with the Employee Identification #441 said, “I have a copy of the check here,” and he read the number. “We’re getting ready to send that to you.”

“What exactly are you planning on sending to me?” I asked.

Confused pause. “Well, it looks like we’re ready to send the copy of the check,” he said.

“I don’t need a copy of my check. I have one already. What I would like is the copy of the deed and trust note.”

“Would you hold a minute please?” Darvis asked. A few minutes later, “I’m going to resubmit that request. It looks like it didn’t go through.”

“Thank you,” I said.

Two weeks prior I faxed my modification application. I called to check that they received them. Three more calls —Please check back tomorrow, tomorrow, and next week. Next week, I called.

Helpful customer service person said, “We haven’t received those documents yet. I believe you’ll need to fax them to us again.”

I have to pay to fax, so I’m thoroughly annoyed. I let poor harmless helpful customer service person know this. I tell her I’ll fax them again today (which was yesterday).

When I called Darvis, I asked him about newly faxed papers. “Nope,” he replied. “We still haven’t received those papers.”