Went home to look up my version of the paperwork. Found the classy maroon folder stock full of legal-sized papers. All of it, however, was for the original purchase of the property.

There is a faint bell ringing in my head that I’ve looked for original papers for the purchase of the house and I couldn’t find them before. I remember thinking … where are those danged papers? I probably figured they were buried in another “safe-spot.”

I’ve checked all of my “safe-spots.” No papers.

So I called my loan company. Several weeks ago, I sent a “Qualified Written Request” to ask for my deed and trust note. The loan company denied that my QWR was valid but if I wanted a copy of any of the documents requested, I would have to pay for them. To get a copy of my deed and trust note, I’d have to send $10.

I thought to myself, it’s worth $10 to make sure they have it. So, about two weeks ago, I sent in my $10 requesting said documents.

After not finding any of my own documents, I called the bank. I said, “A few weeks ago I sent in a request for a copy of the deed and the trust note. Can you tell me where we are in the process of receiving that?”

Darvis with the Employee Identification #441 said, “I have a copy of the check here,” and he read the number. “We’re getting ready to send that to you.”

“What exactly are you planning on sending to me?” I asked.

Confused pause. “Well, it looks like we’re ready to send the copy of the check,” he said.

“I don’t need a copy of my check. I have one already. What I would like is the copy of the deed and trust note.”

“Would you hold a minute please?” Darvis asked. A few minutes later, “I’m going to resubmit that request. It looks like it didn’t go through.”

“Thank you,” I said.

Two weeks prior I faxed my modification application. I called to check that they received them. Three more calls —Please check back tomorrow, tomorrow, and next week. Next week, I called.

Helpful customer service person said, “We haven’t received those documents yet. I believe you’ll need to fax them to us again.”

I have to pay to fax, so I’m thoroughly annoyed. I let poor harmless helpful customer service person know this. I tell her I’ll fax them again today (which was yesterday).

When I called Darvis, I asked him about newly faxed papers. “Nope,” he replied. “We still haven’t received those papers.”


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  1. Whoa. Who services your loan? And maybe it is time to call Dave Ramsey!!! I often ask what would dave do? no pun intended. I have heard that people are staying in their houses ‘free and clear’ when the original paperwork is lost. I can feel hope rising here, but as you said earlier, it is good to keep the brakes on until you have all the info…am waiting anxiously to hear the next step!


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