When I pulled up the driveway to home, the For-Sale sign gave me a start even though it was expected. For some reason, my heart was in my throat as I looked at it, bold and eye-catching, trying to move my home into other hands. But, I swallowed and it was over. The tears stung for just a minute. I took a deep breath and it was done.

I walked in and started dinner, started a fire, helped the girls with homework, and made lunches for the week. I called Paul who was painting at Elida’s studio. Somehow, Elida got a double dose of my parents’ optimism. Both of my parents are cheerful to a fault. Both are bulldogs about meeting problems and obstacles with the intent of overcoming. I was probably genetically designed to be pessimistic but my parents’ were so optimistic they managed to overcome that as well. I’m fairly cheerful and even-keel — and my parents deserve the praise. A cheerful demeanor should be included in the top ten gifts you can give to your child.

Anyway, today, I wasn’t so cheerful. But by the time I got off the phone with Paul and Elida, I had written in red crayon on a piece of paper:

I want to make money writing.

I want to make enough money writing to travel with my kids.

I want to travel around the states with my kids.

I want to take my kids to Europe.

I have no idea or plan on how to manage these things. But somehow, placing my desires on a piece of paper just made me feel better.


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  1. writing down the goals and putting them in a special spot is a valuable tool. That is why FlyLady has people write things down too. It applies to all sorts of goals, not just the cleaning house ones.


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