Preparing to Launch

We may have found the Nebuchadnezzer II.

For those who aren’t Matrix fans, the Nebuchadnezzer is the ship the rebel humans inhabit while dodging the machines.

Paul and I had the day off together. I took the kids to school and then worked out at the Prineville Athletic Club (PAC). Paul texted me to wash the car because he’s putting it on Craig’s List and meet him on Madras Hwy to inspect a Toyota Dolphin — one of the ugliest creations known to man.

The vehicle does not improve in looks after scrutinizing. But after sitting in it, a warm familiarity spread over me — like a grandmother’s place that’s musty, but I can smell the chocolate-chip cookies in the oven.  The comfort of being close together doesn’t preclude a space allotted for every task needed in family life — there’s a tiny kitchen, an itty-bitty bathroom, two medium-sized beds, and a table. I could picture the Harris’ driving around the states: me close in the Toyota cab next to Paul while the girls played a game in the back.

But of course, like all things worth-while, there are obstacles — like we don’t have the money to buy it. But it feels good to have a plan, to be moving toward something: writing, sketching, homeschooling and traveling. We’re becoming more sure of ourselves. Knowing what we want. Willing to risk a lot to get it. Hoping to leave in the spring. May have to wait ’til August. Not about to be dissuaded. The Harris’ are preparing to launch.


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