Brevard, North Carolina

The school Paul interviewed with is located in Brevard, North Carolina. They’re not offerering much money — about what I would earn here if I worked full time. Paul’s been teaching about ten years longer than I have. What they are offering is a fairly low cost of living, a classroom cap of 16 students, a desire for an outdoor program, a charter school where Paul is able to take the kids directly into the Pisgah forest, and a K-8 school where Paul would be working with 6-8th grades.

I looked up Brevard, North Carolina online and this is what I found:

Brevard is a town in Transylvania County, North Carolina, United States. The 2005 population estimate by the United States Census Bureau was 6,643. It is the county seat of Transylvania County[3].

Brevard is located at the entrance to Pisgah National Forest and has become a noted tourism, retirement and cultural center in western North Carolina. A moderate climate, environmental beauty and cultural activities attract relocators to the area.

Brevard is the home of Brevard College a four-year liberal arts institution with nationally-recognized programs in music and environmental studies. The town also is home to Brevard Music Center, one of the nation’s preeminent summer music teaching and performance institutions. Brevard also has an extensive local music and arts community.

The city is nicknamed “The Land of Waterfalls” due to the many waterfalls in the area, including Looking Glass Falls, Connestee Falls, and Sliding Rock.

It doesn’t sound too bad. The median income is $32,000 so it looks like we’d be like everyone else. Charleston, South Carolina is the nearest beach — about four hours away.

I have mixed feelings.

I’m starting to see a pattern. We finally give up on obtaining work and we get all excited to buck the establishment and live free of societal restraints and then we’re offered a position. I feel yanked around.

I guess I ought to quit trying to figure everything out. I’ve always told Paul that where he works is his choice. I just want to homeschool and write. I can do that from almost anywhere. Whether Paul takes the position is irrevelant. I still need to continue packing.


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