To Foreclose or Not to Foreclose

That is the question. It’s coming up on 90 days of attempting to sell the house. We’ve given it a go — fixed a few items, got rid of clutter, and kept the house clean — a feat which is not easy for our family because we really live in it — three meals a day for (usually) six people, hosting friends and family, everyone’s in sports to increase the laundry, girls and hair and bottles and clothes and hair, add a dog and two cats — well … you get the picture. I’m making a case that we’ve done our best to sell.

Next step is either a deed-in-lieu or foreclosure. The deed-in-lieu will keep our already-less-than-perfect credit record out of the gutter. For the bank, it gets us out of the house.

Foreclosure will perhaps buy us a few more months in our home — in some cases, several months. Hard decisions can be pushed to the summer which may bring an opportunity.

Should we stay or should we go?


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