Last week, I requested the short sell/deed-in-lieu papers from the bank. Of course, I’ll pop them in the mail right now, she said.

I still haven’t seen them. So, today I called again. Instead of being able to request anything I was asked a list of questions regarding our finances. I answered them and she told me to get my modification papers in right away — the modification we sent in February was outdated.

Okay. I think to myself, why not? So, I sent the papers off today — again.

It cost me about 15 minutes and $7.50 for the fax.

So far, there hasn’t been a superb opportunity to get us to move. We’ve been knitting bits and pieces of work together long enough that it feels kind of comfortable.

I’ve got tutoring and a few gigs in the magazine industry. Paul illustrates and subs and teaches classes for Elida and works for the landscaping company. It’s really not that bad.

Maybe this is the new face of life. Maybe it’s asking too much if you want job security, benefits, and retirement.

As the sale date creeps closer, I’m feeling more and more entrenched.

What if … after all this …

we stay?