Opening the Road Map

The other day, Paul slipped me a yellow sticky note with a list of places to visit on The Trip Around The States. The phrase deserves capital letters because it’s become the title for a general launch into the unknown.
We don’t know if any job offers will come our way. Moreover, if they do, we’re unsure if we’ll take them. But this is depressing — to speak of all of the unknowns. Let me expound on the things we know for sure.
1) Paul leaves to Alaska on June 8th and will return late July with a chunk of cash.
2) We are very much in love, in spite of two years of general financial stress and intense soul-searching and decision-making. Much of this can be attributed to the simple routine of morning coffee — reading together and discussing over a lovely capuccino and espresso.
3) A modification application has been sent to our bank along with the many other bits and pieces of paper trail required.
4) The auction date for our house is June 13, 2011.
5) I have rearranged my tutoring schedule to accommodate homeschooling. The little ones and I are cuddled on the couch daily for reading and doing writing, arithmetic, Spanish, and nature study peppered by kisses.
6) Elsa leaves for Italy on June 15. She was invited by her cousin Emily and her Aunt Elida to join them. She’ll return early August.
7) My teenage daughter still talks to me, treats me with respect, and takes my advice and instruction. This is a great relief. You can’t believe the many times I’ve been told … just wait ’til she’s a teenager!
8) The rest of us have decided to remain in the house until we have a reasonable plan to leave … or we’re evicted — whichever comes first. We plan to walk the neighborhood, swim in the pool, and play tennis. I’ll continue writing and make more focused efforts of getting published.
9) It’s nice to have made a decision about staying in the house, even if the decision seems to bring up a posse of other questions.
10) The general plan is to take off when Paul returns on a family trip focusing mostly on the western side because of the cheap camping and gorgeous views. I’ll write about our adventures and try to gain a wider reader base. P.S. Subscribe to my blog if you like reading. There’s a big, fat button on the upper-right hand corner. By doing so, you’ll help me to preach the good news of living an adventure with your family.
There. Listing all the knowns acts like a mirror to my priorities. We have all sorts of words to describe our priorities, but until you list the knowns in your life, you can’t really tell if you’re living them.
To tell the truth, I am unsure of so many things. But again, I try to meditate on being grateful that we have possibilities — which translates into hope. The unknown is far better than a dreary, despairing known.
We are healthy. We all love and trust each other. We have ideas to work toward. We have youthful energy and ambitions. We keep making a stand. Daily, we make small choices. Daily, we push upward and outward. Daily we seek to pursue the timeful life and erect the shining barrier around our family.


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