Today was a list of fool’s errands perhaps, but errands that I felt I must see through. I faxed letters to the bank, to the servicer, and to the trustee and then sent them through the mail. I dropped off a few more bags of stuff to give away. I turned a couple of movies in. I visited with people at the courthouse, discussing with people who had seen me last Monday, getting their names. I visited with service people and the sheriff.

I called the trustee’s office and they told me they received my fax. They said they would send an afidavit that swears someone conducted the sale. Hmmm. Okay.

I called the bank that “bought” the house and they said the foreclosure was still active.

I called the servicer and they said the foreclosure had gone through.

I consulted an attorney regarding the non-sale of the house and he is very interested. He wants to take the case.

I am conflicted.

When I thought I’d be out of the house in a few days, I was frightened, angry, panicked, and … a little bit relieved. Closure peeked its head around the corner and beckoned me to come.

But it’s all astir again. I feel hope that I’ll keep my house awhile. Confusion and uncertainty as to how much time and money I should put into trying to keep it. I think I’ll just do my part in making sure things were done properly — that procedure was followed.

Paul called. It was sooo good to hear his voice. I love his voice. I could picture him perfectly when he was talking to me. He had a day on real water and got into fish finally. The season is open.


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