Where There is Smoke…

I’ve become a private eye now. After watching Lisbeth Salander on Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (Good story, but not recommended because the sexual violence was horrendous. I had to fast forward through squinted eyes several times), I’m all inspired. I started looking through all past paperwork from the bank  v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y.

This is what I found: in the copy the bank sent me of the Deed of Trust, it’s wierd, but on the last page of the modification agreement that rolled the construction loan into the regular loan, it’s not my signature. I always sign with an R for the middle initial and the letters are not mine.

And, on the copy of the Deed of Trust that they sent me, no one signed the statement that says, “I hereby certify this to be a true and exact copy of the original.”

First, however, we must wait for the afidavit that asserts the sale occurred. Meanwhile, I’ll check with the police station about the forged signature and write a new Qualified Written Request asking that a certified copy of the Deed in Trust be sent.

All the while, I’m juggling running into town to tennis practice, dealing with a clogged sink and bathtub, and fighting stuff that seems to come into the house and never makes it way back out again.

I want to control my time better but summer has a way of smashing your efforts with the endless days and spontaneous plans and plans that spontaneously combust and nobody has anything really happening so anything can happen and it often does. Do any of you welcome the fall with its steady, predictable schedule? But, I’ve been pining for summer on my posts for awhile now. I’m not finding fault with the weather. Nothing could be lovelier. It’s just that … I can’t ever seem to find my kids anywhere and I stand in the hall for minutes at a time trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing and every day seems bursting with time and yet at the end of it I can’t really pinpoint what I did with it.

Perhaps I’m supposed to join in with mellow summer and allow the liquid sunshine to melt my ambitions into a puddle that’s slapped with my bare foot as I chase the kids with a water balloon. But all winter and spring I’ve been telling myself … you’ll have time this summer to accomplish all you want. I write this to remind myself that there’s no time like now to get done what you want. And I guess if I want to relax, I’ll need to put it on my to-do list like anything else.


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