A Changing of the Guard

It feels so good to have a lawyer on the case. After being the target for legally pushy language, I’ve finally got someone in my corner. I feel like a lightweight boxer in a heavyweight match and after getting pummelled, I just tagged my heavyweight partner, who is fresh as a daisy. My lawyer sent me a copy of the letter that went to the Trustee. It said:

Because you did not conduct the sale as required by ORS 86.755, you have no statutory authority to possession of the premises… Now you have caused my client to incur additional costs of retaining an attorney. You therefore must halt the eviction process and perform your duties as trustee, and reimburse my client ____ for attorney fees.

My partner just gave a jab to the face, an uppercut to the stomach, and a right-left. I fist pump in the air and throw my voice in with the crowd to keep at it.

Sometimes, I feel we deserve foreclosure. We haven’t been able to pay. But other times, I feel bullied and tricked and suspect a conspiracy at work. I smell the corruption, the whiff of a day-old massacre, the decay of bodies from the giants of money grinding, grinding, grinding families into dust.

It angers me that the government has bailed out these banks and the little guy hardly sees any of it. Enough money was spent on bailouts to pay off every citizen’s mortgage. Where are the benefits to us? Nothing is trickling down. If the banks are kind enough to throw us a bone in the form of a modification — it’s designed to keep us in slavery: the payment is low enough so we can pay monthly, but too much to ever pay it off. Consider the days before insurance, before credit, when housing had to be affordable. If cash were the only currency, prices must fall to suit it.

Not that I look to government for solutions. The solutions lie within us. I’ll fight my battles by not consuming, looking for ways of self-suffiency, ignoring the advertisers, refusing to borrow ever again, unwilling to join the game. The television is turned off. The education system is rejected. Happiness and fulfillment keeps bubbling within in spite of giants’ efforts to crush and steam roll and oppress and brainwash. We must shake off the lies that we need this and that for fulfillment. We must wean ourselves. We need to look to each other to supply our needs. Buy from the local guy that you can shake hands with and ask about his family. Get to know your neighbor. Live within walking distance. Have meals with friends. Apprentice with someone you know rather than go into debt for a degree. Don’t buy what they tell you to. Better yet, don’t even let them tell you (turn off the TV).

Consider the revolution that we hold in our hands. We have the power to not buy in. And if masses of people stop purchasing, stop selling ourselves into slavery, if we just stop, and look to each other for answers instead of to The Man for crumbs from the table, if we stopped begging and started producing and convincing each other to purchase from each other, we could rule the world. The stones will be slung and the giants will topple at our feet.

Ahhh. That would be a victorious moment. We’d stand holding the hair of the giant’s head when you or I could pay cash for a house. When communities, without outside help, work together to provide for needs: schooling, homelessness, food, entertainment. When we start buying and selling from each other rather than begging the Whore of Babylon and her hideous child for mercy.


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