Friends, Food, and

Tonight, I went to Heather’s house for dinner. Robin came too. I drank a little too much wine, I laughed a little too loud, I talked a little too brash, I cussed a little too often, and I admitted to a little too much.

But … what the heck?

I spent all day paying bills with money I didn’t have, packing boxes with no place to go, and writing letters that may not be read. It’s enough to cause anyone to cross the line… and there is no one safer with whom to go a little too far than Heather and Robin. They’ll let me go where I’ll do no harm and reign me in when it gets out of hand.

Such friends don’t come to everyone. I’m thankful to have them. Everyday we solve world problems and my problems and their problems and our kids’ problems. We solve everything everyday. We’re amazing. We should run for president or become the brain trust for the president. We’re so overqualified. Just give us a plate full of food and allow the red wine to flow freely and relax. The problem will be solved in an hour. There’s no need for discussion because we’ll interrupt you. Experts, shut up. Researchers, there’s the door. Talking heads, we’ve got an ax. Mysteries, unraveled. Gossip, discussed extensively, but, we justify, just between us. Hollywood, fascinating but trite. Great books, approved but unread.

If others could have friends like mine …

usually, I think I could come up with something more clever to say, but it’s 11, and I’ve had several glasses of wine, and a lot of food… so I’m just going to say, “Good night.”


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