As I read to the girls tonight, we looked at pictures of a Roman market. One of the places in the market depicted a bakery. I looked at all those lovely buns and loaves and thought, wouldn’t that be fun? I could envision all of the girls in braids, helping to serve customers in bright, colored clogs. I am unsure why the family business looks so romantic to me. I know of its disagreeable side — it is always there. It makes it difficult to clock-out. I’ve seen children who can’t wait to escape it. I’ve seen families married to it. But still, somehow I think we’d like it. We’d be together. Our work would be all around us rather than in a compartment separate from the family. I have no idea what our family business would be, but the idea of having one beckons to me, just the same.

Paul called and gave me the bad news that fishing was very poor. He’s not only coming home with the lower end of what he expected, he’s returning with what he could have made working with the landscape company that he’s been with off and on all year. The days would have been shorter. We would have seen him on weekends. Bummer.  But who knew? Everyone was expecting a banner year … and sometimes those are chances you need to take. When Paul returns, he’ll need to look for a job right away. I’ve been applying for him when his subject area shows up on the websites. If no jobs show up, then it is back to subbing. And subbing doesn’t really kick in until after September. So, we need to be extremely tight with that little chunk of cash because it needs to last us until the end of October.

I try to think of ways I could help without giving up on what is most important to us. How can the girls and I contribute and keep our priorities straight? Still homeschool, run a home, and keep family first? Tutoring usually doesn’t really begin until second semester. Most kids take that long to get expelled. I guess I need to ask God for a good opportunity and wait for His answer.