Blue Like Jazz

Paul and I attended a screening of Blue Like Jazz on Friday. We give it two-thumbs up. This movie covers new turf and constructs a bridge for those who find themselves on one side or the other on spiritual matters to begin peace talks. Not in an invitational, come-to-the-right-side kind of way, but by sharing an authentic journey that asks real questions and confronts real issues. Themes covered include: coming of age, disillusionment, convention and rebellion, self-discovery, forgiveness, and redemption. Noticeably left out is good vs. evil which is soooo refreshing in a movie which touches Christianity on any level. Aren’t we all tired of the moral at the end of the story? This movie doesn’t attempt to answer all the questions. It asks more than it answers — and some questions may provoke party lines. By carefully probing our personal beliefs, Blue Like Jazz calls us to an authentic journey of self-discovery.

Check out the trailer: 

Come and see the movie the weekend of April 13th!

P.S. Look for the long list of associate producers in the credits. The film was killed after an arduous search for investors. People responded with a burgeoning movement to resurrect it. The making of the movie Blue Like Jazz is a miracle story in its own right.



  1. I just read Blue Like Jazz today. It’s wonderful– and I’m even more excited about the movie since I heard there were Christians boycotting it. Is that terrible? (P.s. I was like “Whoah” when I realized that you were the Paul and Danielle Don Miller talks about. It made his stories more real to me. Love you guys. 🙂 )


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