Bucket Lists

I just published an article on Bucket List Publications, an online magazine that is all about people accomplishing their dreams. Lesley Carter, the editor, encourages you to submit your own bucket list. Through donations from investors, Lesley helps people cross off an item on their bucket lists. She’s a legit traveler in the field of dreams. Her husband and she quit their jobs, sold everything, moved to their dream scene in Southern California, and started accomplishing things on their bucket list including starting an online magazine. Pretty cool!

Anyway, I submitted mine and included both dreams within my reach and dreams far beyond it:

1. finish the novel

2. get it published

3. bird in South Padre Island with my family

4. see the elegant trogan

5. do a pilgrimage on the Camino d’ SantiagoImage Detail

6. walk the Pacific Crest Trail with llamas

7. visit Patagonia

8. relax at a beach for a week

9. visit a great art museum with my family: MOMA, the Art Institute in Chicago, the Louvre, or the Prado

10. spend time with my grandmother in Sacramento and write her life story

11. backpack Europe

12. spearfish in Greece

13. sail on the Mediterranean

14. listen to a live symphony

15. take my daughters to a ballet

16. plan a surprise trip for my husband — he turns 40.

17. read Tolstoy‘s War and Peace

18. family camp around the states

19. create a steady income from my writing

20. attend a writer’s conference and meet agents

21. sea kayak in the Sea of Cortez

22. surf and bird in Hawaii

23. make homemade pasta

24. read Huck Finn with my family and discuss it

25. volunteer at a soup kitchen

I would love to hear from my readers. Please share yours with me or Bucket List Publications. May you dream big and may many of them come true!

Just as I was about to push the publish button, I remembered some more:

The Radcliffe Camera in Oxford, England as vie...

26. literary pub crawl through Great Britain

27. attend a literature class at a college in Oxford

28. ride a bike across Portugal and visit the wineries

29. become a literature professor

30. see Boston with my best friend



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