My sister’s starting a new journey. She’s had it rough, but her buoyancy is endearing, even inspiring. I thought I’d share one of her latest posts.

It was quite a blow when I realized (at age 30) that not everyone liked me!  I was shocked. “Why wouldn’t people like me…I’ve got a great heart, I try my best, I am genuinely interested in others, and I give, give, give! What else can I do?” This realization had come after an altercation with a spiteful mother who’s daughter I had been volunteer coaching.  I had been roped into coaching because my daughter made the volleyball team and they needed help. Given the fact I played and coached volleyball at the college level, I felt quite confident to take on a group of 5th and 6th grade girls..

…then I met their mothers!

It was the end of the season and we had lost our last match.  I was already feeling pretty low, questioning my decisions, wondering what I could have done better when I rounded the corner…

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