Shelley, the Romantic

I’m finally writing again but in a different capacity. Here is the latest post I’ve written for Elida’s blog about Italy.


So, you’ve gone ahead in your imagination and sat upon the Spanish Steps. You’ve listened to the trickling of the sinking boat fountain just as Keats did from his room at number 26 Piazza di Spagna. You’ve sensed the painful gut-wrenching finality as Percy Bysshe Shelley did when he heard the news that Keats had died. You felt keenly his loss as a friend, as a mentee, and also to the world for a man so promising, so on the verge of inspiring the world. Perhaps you’ll walk into the Keats-Shelley House and contemplate another time — The Romantic Period.

In response to the Industrial Revolution and the cold, intellectual Enlightenment, a new and restless spirit  pervaded the consciousness of the leading people of the time. In a world where the walls were closing in by discovery, defining, sorting and classifying, a rebellious awakening arose in which people sought the…

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