Just one more tidbit on the Romantic poets


Once Shelley’s body was drug from the Bay of Spezia and burned upon the pyre on the beach, Mary Shelley returned to England with her son, the sole survivor of four children. She struggled with depression and scraped together a living, often in need. Years later, she returned to Italy perhaps happier than she had ever been. Time had allowed the grass to grow over the memories of her loved ones and softened the pain.

She wrote in her book of travel writings, Rambles in Germany and Italy, about returning to the beautiful peninsula.

Can it, indeed, be true, that I am about to revisit Italy? How many years are gone since I quitted that country! There I left the mortal remains of those beloved — my husband and my children, whose loss changed my whole existence, substituting, happy peace and the interchange of deep-rooted affections, years of desolate solitude…

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