Dreamin’ of Summer

Sometime in early January, when all the hustle of the holidays is over, there is a downward turn in the spirit. It feels as if we may not ever see the sun again. We leave in the dark and return at dusk, and the sun makes its elliptical course across the horizon. Summer days are dim remembrances. So, I decided to travel back in my imagination to warm my winter-frozen heart.


I recall the warmth of the sun’s rays juxtaposed against the crisp, icy cold of a mountain stream.


In the high desert, a bit of shade offers real respite from the heat. We can find our perfect temperature by adjusting slightly to all-shade, partial-shade or full sun.


Paul found his angle of repose.


Golden Lake glows on a golden morning.


The hike is difficult. But, we find most places worth going to are.


These family adventures sure make this guy happy…


and we all happy with him.


Today, the sun didn’t sweep across the sky at such a galloping pace. We drive home in the light now. Every day gets longer and longer. I stepped outside and basked in the pale sunlight — still in my sweater, coat and scarf. Summer days are bound to come again. It’s a promise.



  1. Hi Danielle,

    So good to see your posts. I love reading them. Makes me wish my kids were younger, but I am moving on to new adventures with the grandkids. How is Paul doing? I haven’t heard anything in quite some time and I pray for your family that all is getting better. Miss you my dear friend. Love, June


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