You ask me what it means to live and I drop my head in answer. All day, I get things done, except … I forget to live.

What does it mean to live?

Truth be told, I don’t know whether someone can live without knowing why he lives …

Was Kandinsky able to paint the music?

Was Beethoven able to compose the pain?

Did Wagner ascent to myth?

What does it mean to live?

I think what I am asking is, What does it mean to live a life of meaning? 

I don’t know. I only try to live mine with courage and dignity but I am often afraid. And I sometimes withdraw. I try to control and fix, instead of trust and walk forward. How difficult it all is!

This Lenten season, I gave up complaining, controlling, and criticizing. I, who thought nothing would get done without these companions, saw how much more gets done when these things are left behind.

It is crazy, but I felt responsible for all that happened. If I didn’t make it happen, it wouldn’t happen, so I thought. Life still happens whether we will it or not. My shoulders ached with the burden of it all. My neck hurt.

And without complaining, controlling and criticizing, things got done. Lots of things. We all had room to breathe and think. Why did I not find this secret sooner?

Letting go, losing your life, if you throw it all away, what really matters comes back to you.

Thanks, Robin and Jason, for this artist and song. It’s been a gift to me.